Gramática inglesa - Examen 1


Completa las siguientes oraciones escribiendo la respuesta correcta:

1. She is a very intelligent student. She is the  (intelligent) girl in this classroom.

2. I always (visit) my parents Sundays.

3. Who  (be) your favourite pop stars?

4. If you heat the water, it  (boil).

5. You (not arrive) on time unless you hurry up.

6. Paul will be (work) in London next summer in August. 

7. My brother car is very nice.

8. I must (study) hard for   (pass) my exams.

9. Lisa and George  got a great idea.

10. I have (drink) too much and now I feel bad. I wish I drunk so much.

11. It's very dark here. I see you very well. 

12. We have to wait outside the restaurant. There aren't empty tables. 

13. Three   (thief) were put in prison.

14. How are you? - I'm  (40).

15. They  (watch) TV when I  (arrive).

16. He (play) volleyball   Sundays. 

17. The bus arrives in London   six o'clock.

18. The car  sold yesterday.

19. Karen told the children   (not play) football in the garden

20. I don't understand   you say. Could you repeat it?

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