Tiempos verbales mezclados - Ejercicio 1


Completa los siguientes ejercicios con el tiempo verbal correcto en inglés. 

Complete the sentences with the present simple or continuous:

a)      What time  you  (you /catch) the bus every morning?

b)       you  (you / meet) Patrick tonight?

c)      My brother (not get up) early at the weekends.

d)      She  (not be) the one I told you!


Complete the following sentences with the past simple and past continuous:

a)      The sun  (shine) at 7.30 this morning when I got up.

b)      We met lots of famous actors when we  (live) in Hollywood.

c)      Sally  (not understand) the answer because she wasn’t listening.


Complete with present perfect simple:

a)      I  (burn) a cd of some dance music.

b)      Jill is hungry because he  (not eat) anything today.

c)     How many times  she   (she / play) the guitar in public?

Complete with future simple (will) or future with going to:

a)      “I’m really cold”. I  (get) a jumper for you.(Decisión espontánea)

b)      What  you  (you /do) this weekend? Have you got plans?(Plan)

c)      Scientist predict that new medicines  (save) many lives.(Predicción)

d)     I’ve decided that I  (not go) to university next year. I want to travel first.(Hecho 100% seguro)


Complete with the first or second time of conditional sentences:

a)      More dangerous species  (die) if we don’t protect them.

b)      If you don’t go to the concert, you  (not see) Rachel.

c)      Industry would continue causing pollution  if we  (not protest).

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